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Thread: EMT recommendations for medical info on thumbnail drive

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    Question EMT recommendations for medical info on thumbnail drive

    What specific info should a rider place on a thumbnail drive for use by EMT personnel in case of an accident?

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    I wear a CARE Memory Band. It holds all of my info
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    The EMT's I've talked to said they would never look for something like that. They MIGHT look for a medical alert bracelet but they said they'd be too busy with other stuff to worry about a random thumb drive or to dig though your wallet for any possible cards.

    I wear mine on my helmet but even that probably wouldn't get looked at in a bad wreck

    I put one on the front of the helmet that says "IF INJURED DO NOT REMOVED HELMET"

    Then on the side I have


    I actually have my blood type in few different spots on me.

    Edit- Here's one of my old helmets

    But again I was told that the EMTs won't be looking for this stuff on you. They are concerned with your immediate medical needs.

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    I ride both bicycles and motorcycles. Whenever I'm out, especially alone, I wear a RoadID wrist strap. They are available either with info engraved right on the plate, or with an 800 number and web address. I have the latter and keep my info up to date.

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    Here's my thoughts as a former paramedic... placing any important medical info on a thumb drive may not be the best solution since it is extremely doubtful that any EMS provider would either have the 1) time or 2) ability to gather your info from one while in the field. This could be a viable solution to provide your medical history once you're stabilized in a hospital, provided the USB device goes with you to the ER and is found by the medical staff.

    I like the idea of putting medical info on your helmet. Even if you're helmet flies off, there's a good chance that the EMS providers will make an attempt to find it in order to determine the mechanism/extend of injury to your head. A destroyed helmet is usually a good indicator that the rider should have an advanced life support ride to the ER, as there is a higher chance of closed head injuries and other unseen internal trauma.

    I also like the wristband idea, as long as the info is engraved on the plate and doesn't require logging onto a website or calling an 800 number. Again, if there's something that you want the EMS providers to know within the first few minutes of an incident, make it stand out and easy to find (i.e. like your throats going to swell up like a blowfish because you have a severe latex allergy).

    Name, DOB, NKDA/NKMA ("No Known Drug/Medication Allergies") and blood type are all great to have readily available. I'd also try to have the name and phone numbers for an emergency contact somewhere readily accessible too.

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