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Thread: Removal of air injection system

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    Removal of air injection system

    I recently purchased a 1982 R65. After getting better aquainted with the bike I noticed the pulse air injection system (pipes) at both sides of the engine. I don't like the look plus after some research I found that the system was installed mainly on US bikes due to air quality issues in California. In any case I want to remove the system. The remaval should not impact the operation of the engine, in fact it may be beneficial.The process appears to be simple and easy. Has anyone gone through the process? Any recommondations or suggestions?

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    common fix.
    very easy to find on a basic internet search.
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    I removed the system from my bike over 20 years ago. It's very simple. You can buy a plug from your BMW dealer that will fit were the pipe is removed from the cylinder head. I believe that it is made for some other purpose but fits the threaded hole in the head fine. Sorry, I don't remember what its original purpose is for. As for the air box end, a timing hole cover rubber plug will fit just fine. Remove all of the extra stuff in the airbox also.

    I seem to remember that it was claimed that the air injection system caused extra heat on the exhaust valve.
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    Thanks for the info and website. Ordered the parts and hope to have the work done in the next couple of days.

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    Plugs in the cylinder head

    My recommendation based on experience is to lockwire the plugs that you use in the cylinder heads. If you decide not to, you better carry a spare. I had one fall out coming home from Nova Scotia. I was not easy finding one so i could make it home.


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    It's an oilhead drain plug and the bike will run fine if it falls out but will be a little noisy Use crush washer.
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