Hello new member's and welcome to the BMWMOA Family. I would like to introduce myself. I am Pat Carol from (Alpena) Hubbard Lake, Michigan. I have been in the MOA so long that I forgot how long actually is. I know I am past 25 year's. I have been an Ambassador for a few year's and have been the rally medic for several international rally's.
If you plan on attending the rally in Salem, Oregon this summer, I would like to get the word out to you about CAMP Gears. CAMP Gears is for the younger rider/future rider/future MOA member. Our big emphasis is motorcycle safety. We also promote the comraderie of the BMW rider and MOA member.
Take a look on the MOA site about CAMP Gears. This is a great opportunity to bring your kid's along so they can meet other people their age and be able to relate with the common bond and friendship along with staying safe when riding motorcycles.
I again say, Welcome to the Family as that truly defines the BMW Motorcycle and MOA community. If you have any question's, I will do what I can to help answer them. If not I will gladly send you to the right person to find that answer.

Take Care & Ride Safe
Pat Carol