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I thought they did a good job on the article.
Don should have read the article before bashing the magazine.
Lee, sorry if it seemed like I was bashing the magazine. I wasn't.. what I was trying to point out is why I don't pay a lot of attention to these sort of articles when it comes time to spend my money. My priorities are undoubtedly different from the factors the magazine article evaluates. One of my top three priorities is tire longevity, and how it feels as it wears. Without doing some really extended testing I rather doubt if any magazine test is going to include this factor. Some tires are known to get annoyingly loud when they wear (including Pilot-Road-II and III's), that's another factor that I might find someone in a forum commenting on, but in a magazine review? Doubtful. I've been known to replace tires that look perfectly good to most riders because as they wore I didn't like the tire feel (uneven wear side to side on some tires) and/or couldn't stand the noise coming from the tire.

That's me. If the article gives you enough info to choose a tire - good for it. I'd prefer to keep an eye on forum posts by people who I know have some of the same concerns I do about how a tire performs long-term. Are the tires they picked good tires? I'm sure they are - there are very few bad tires around, the internet and rapid spread of experience by riders has brought that to us. Bad tires are quickly flushed from the marketplace when people don't buy them based on other riders experience.