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Thread: abs servo noise - R1200RT-2006

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    Question abs servo noise - R1200RT-2006

    finally i got the courage to renew the brake fluid on the whole system,bought the funnel read the instructions put new speed bleeder valves.
    today i took a ride and although i have good braking,when i pull the front brake the noise on the shervo motor does not stop unless i release the lever,the rear stops but not right it seems that i did something wrong,is it air in the system?
    anybody ever had this problem?
    i'll appreciate your advise.
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    The SERVO motor is supposed to run until you let go of the brake lever or foot pedal.
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    Marty, i just wanna say you made my day.
    perhaps i didn't pay attention before i did the bleeding but for some reason i thought that when i pulled the lever i heard the noise for 2-3 seconds only and then it got silent.
    thank you.Peter

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    Front: servo comes on and stays on as long as the brake lever is triggering the brake switch.
    Rear: servo comes on with brakes and any change in braking pressure. Servo will stop with constant pressure, e.g. holding your self stopped on an incline. This is a battery saving feature as the servos suck up battery juice and the bike doesn't generate all that much current at idle. I thought there were words in the riders manual to that effect, but I can't find them.

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    thank you again for the detail info.i got the bike 1 month ago and i'm still learning about hexheads.i had an 1150R 2003 before and it was a much simpler bike,but i love this one.
    Regards: Peter

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    Peter - please read: - You might imagine how this applies to your thread since there are several (two?) generations of brakes used on hexhead models. The query would be model/year specific. I'm adding that info to your thread title, please do so yourself in future posts to the tech sections.

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