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Thread: Light smaller touring bike

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    It certainly is a looker! I'm gonna run by our Honda store and take a closer look. I don't think I'm currently in the market for a smaller bike (07 RT currently) but I think Honda is hitting a huge market need with this line. My dad is 60ish and not as confident as he once was...can't help but think this might be a great option for him.
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    They've had the NT700 in Europe for a few years, known as the Deuville(maybe Deville). Europeans have dubbed it the Dullville. I wonder if the CT will have the same low horse power as the NT.
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    New RIDER magazine article tests the auto shift "X" version against BMW super scoot for commuter machine use & gives the nod to Honda based on ease of maneuverability.
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    John Burns has a comaparo of the F700GS, NC700X, Versys, and V-Strom 650 which was published in the January Cycle World. It's very informative, and includes much trademark Burnsie humour.

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    Last air-cooled Guzzis?

    Quote Originally Posted by jforgo View Post
    Is this the last year for air cooled Guzzi?
    I hope not. The big block engine, for one, is a relic that is still competent in its intended uses and I'd hate to see it go away -- like an engandered species going extinct. Would be nice to have air or water options within the line, of course, and for sure a quieter valve train in the air-cooled versions.

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