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    650 x country

    Have a r 1200 rt I love for the road but looking to add a smaller lighter bike to the stable that I can do some dirt roads with on Sunday afternoons. Looked at the specs on the 650 x country and it looks light, not to mention cool looking. Any one know much about this bike? I'm 4 hours from a bmw dealer so I'm interested especially in how much maintance these puppys need and how reliable. Does the water cooled engine take more maintenance?

    OK for dirts roads and the occasional trail? No interested in hard core motocross - just crusing the woods.

    Thanks for any help.

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    I purchased a used X-country in 2009 as my first motorcycle. It had 1500 miles on it. I sold it after I moved up to the 1200GS.

    I was and still am a new rider with limited skills. Keeping that in mind, the X-country is a great around the town and mountain road bike that would be just fine on dirt roads. I have read that the bike is considered more of a street bike that can do some dirt. I would say that is pretty accurate. No fancy frills on this bike. Mine had the ABS brakes that could be turned off when you went to the dirt. I wish I had kept the bike because my wife and son are looking for a beginner bike. The bike did not give me any troubles the short time that I owned it.

    If you do a BMW X-Country review search, you will find some pretty good information that could be more helpful to you.

    Hope that helps a little?

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