Hi all-

I just purchased a 1987 K100RS Motorsport edition and I am looking to repaint it and have the pin-striping redone to original specs. I've been searching the internet left and right to try to find high resolution pictures of all of the details of this particular bike, but I haven't found anything better than a distant side or 3/4 view.

If you have one of these bikes in its original fashion, would you be kind enough to post some good close-ups of the bike? Maybe a walk-around set of pictures?

Secondly, on this bike, the Motorsport stripes on the front fairing are decals. I have already purchased these from Max BMW. What I haven't purchased yet (because I haven't found them) is the sticker in Motorsport colors that goes around the back of the rear body panel, behind the back of the seat. I've found the part number, but I haven't found a place that has the sticker in stock. Does anyone know of where I could obtain one of these? It is BMW part #51 14 1 455 939.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.