A friend I know is seeking info about a 2003 R1150RT, that may have hit a deer (Northeast KS or NW MO), that he bought back on January 14th from Progressive insurance company. It was "totaled" and he picked it up in Kansas City on the 14th. The paper on the windshield indicated that it was picked up by the insurance company on October 3rd, 2012. The accident was probably a few days prior to that.

The bike shows 97K miles on the odometer and damage to the cam covers, headlight, right PIAA lights, mirrors, taillight, and a little to the fairings. There is a deep scratch at the top of the Cee Bailey windshield. There was deer hair caught in a nearly invisible crack in the left side fairing. That is what makes him think this was a deer strike. There is no luggage which he would like to buy if the former owner still has it.

If you know who had this bike, please let them know that he would like to talk to them about the bike's maintenance history. There is no dealer up his way that he can check the VIN so any help from this group would be appreciated. If you are the previous owner or know who they area send them my way and I will put them in touch.