I've owned a K100LT for many, many years. It now has 74k on it and has been a very reliable weekend touring and now commuter bike for the last few years. Unfortunately it recently suffered a crash. I was turning a corner in the early AM and the street must have had surfactant on it. The K and I went down pretty hard. Luckily I survived without nary a scratch thanks to a helmet, gloves, my Roadcrafter suit and the crash bars on the K. The K, sad to say, did not come though as well. The fairing is mashed pretty good on the left side. The crash bar did its job but broke up the fairing side really good. The mirror was obliterated as was the side case, clutch lever, kickstand, etc. Pretty much everything on the left side was broken or at least scraped up real good. I was able to stand her up, get back on and finish the ride to work. I also commuted home on it although the crash bar is now dangling off and it looks like I've been auditioning for a Mad Max movie.

So my question is: How difficult would it be to convert the LT to more of a naked bike? I've been looking for parts to fix the LT but they are not very common and the ones I've found so far are either extremely outrageously priced or bashed up too. If I could find good parts I'm willing to have them painted. If not I'm inclined to make the bike into more of a bastardized K roadster.

Your thoughts and suggestions are appreciated.