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Thread: 91 k100lt - wont start - low hum

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    91 k100lt - wont start - low hum

    I've heard of this before from this forum and now it has happened to me but I cant find the answer so I thought post and get responses. I start the cycle once every week or two and let it run for 20mins through the winter. I don't have a trickle charge -yeah I should get one. Anyways, yesterday when I went to start it I'm thinking my batt was low and now there is just this low hum like something is stuck (it had almost turned over and then I got this hum NOT like a click when there is a low batt) nothing else will happen just the hum. Is it a frozen starter? or something else...

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    You must first determine if you have a weak battery. Repeated attempts to start with a weak battery will cause the contacts on the starter relay to weld together.

    Remove it and FULLY charge it. Then have it load tested. If it tests good, recharge it and then reinstall it.

    REMEMBER, when removing a battery, always disconnect the ground wire first, then the positive. When installing, connect positive first, then the ground.

    If starter starts spinning as soon as you connect the battery, you have a stuck (welded) starter relay.


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