Recall Campaign No. 12V-487. 2007-2008 K1200S K1200R and K1200R Sport. And "certain" 2012-2013 K1300S motorcycles.

Hi everyone, I haven't seen it posted here yet but I received a Recall Notice from BMW for the 2012 K1300S that they have me listed as owner. It seems to be the same recall that they issued in 2009, where when operating the bike at steady speed and RPMs the brake fluid resevoir can "foam" which allows air bubbles to be introduced into the brake system. The fix is to have the dealer install a screen inside the brake resevoir.
The recall notice states to call BMW Roadside Assistance at 1(877)-680-2176.

I can't testify to having this done since I only took ownership of the bike on paper after winning it in the Superstakes, and I switched it for a RT. Hope this helps someone.