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Thread: Barbacks for F650GS

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    Question Barbacks for F650GS

    Does anyone have experience with barbacks for the F650GS? I've installed short (20mm) straight risers, but still get tense between the shoulders. I'm wondering if moving the bar back would help. The MV barbacks appear to be what I'm looking for. They say you can use the stock cables. Any suggestions?
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    I would question the statement about the cables. When I tried Rox risers on the wife's bike I found I needed a longer front brake hose (handlebar to frame junction section). It would work, just barely with stock, but I worried about stress on the hose at full lock. The other cables and wires should work but will probably require rerouting.
    Also could be interference issues with a tank bag and any aftermarket windshield, depending on what you are using.
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    Rox Risers

    I put Rox Risers on my wife's F650GS and agree, you do need to install a longer brake line. I put a Speigler +2" ($59.95) on it and it works great. I like the Rox Risers as they are adjustable from so many different angles. I have a F800GS and a set to put on it too but, it appears the brake line will be long enough on that one....we'll see.

    One other comment and not trying to be rude but...if you are feeling it between the shoulders maybe you are a bit tense when you are riding. Like I tell my wife, every once in awhile, double check your grip pressure and relax! Hope this helps and best wishes.

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    i put Rox risers on my 2011 twin along with a longer brake line and it made a huge difference in my comfort.

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