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Thread: battery replacement for my harley

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    battery replacement for my harley

    I am looking for suggestions regarding replacing the battery in my 2008 soft tail deluxe . This is the first time I will be replacing it so I have not ventured into this realm yet. Any suggestions ?/ wisdom?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pyzyna View Post
    I am looking for suggestions regarding replacing the battery in my 2008 soft tail deluxe.
    Really? In a BMW forum?

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    Not many of us know much about Harley's, although there are some who own a range of bikes. Probably best you run this by a Harley-based forum. That would be my suggestion.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BC1100S View Post
    Really? In a BMW forum?
    Sure, maybe he has a Harley that he has had battery trouble with and wants to have some technical expertise on a good choice on replacement.
    He is a Member, he can ask what he wants. I'd help him if I knew the answer.
    Good to see you on Pyzyna.
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    As a generality I like Odyssey batteries. So get on the internet and look up the Odyssey fit for your make/model/year bike.
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    reply to all

    Thanks guys , I assume you are guys . How would I know?
    Left coast , I thought I might raise an eye brow .
    Administrator, thanks for the back up.
    Out lander, right on!
    P Graves, your advise is helpful. Other wise I would just be going in blind.

    Much appreciation to all.

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    Check Yuasa's website. They have expanded their line to include maintenance-free sealed batteries for BMW's. I'm sure they have batteries for Harleys as well. And they have a battery-finder on their website to help you.

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    Any suggestion is a good advice if you are just looking and so far, all the suggestions have been good. For me, I don't look anymore at brand names or endorsements from others anymore. I look at how well the dealer will back you if something goes haywire.

    I buy about $10,000/yr in batteries for heavy equipment and I do have warranty issues, regardless of the paper label on the box. I stick to the dealer that backs me because in turn, I can cover my customer.

    As a noob here and your post is about a Hardley, ooopps, I mean Harley, I will watch replies to your comments closely as I believe this forum/association shouldn't be bike blind but rather welcome fellow motorcycle enthusiasts. If you aren't welcomed by this forum/association, perhaps I will join one that will.
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    What used to be Exide is now Yuasa, and both brands have served me well.
    The "BMW" battery is a re-labled Exide/Yuasa.

    Don't the Odysseys need a "special" charger?
    And one of the more knowledgeable guys on this forum has a few dead Westcos on his floor...

    Side note: Welcome! I've had a Sportster and a Glide, and I ride with other high-mileage HD-types (and we've all had Japanese and British iron too), and I'm still proud to help with occasional troubleshooting or fixes/mods. Never rode a Softtie, but several friends and other locals here love theirs, and they look and sound purty good.

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    If I were a smart-axs I'd say John Deere (since we are on the other-side's Forum). However, a good Harley shop can give you direction to the best current/value Harley fitment batteries on the market. Don't skip on amps, you got a lot to turnover on that Big Twin.
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    Years ago I went to a local independent battery supplier for a battery for my Goldwing. He recommended Deka, said it was the only battery he had that would hold up to the vibrations of a Harley. The Deka lasted 4 years. A couple years later I needed a battery for my Honda VTX1800 this time he sold me an Odyssey.
    I still have it and the battery is 7 years old and still going strong. The Odyssey has a 2 year warranty the others don't.
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    I called one of my pirate friends and he said he had an HD battery in his old springer softail. But he works for a HD dealer, and I bet he gets em cheap. The other guy I texted builds custom bikes, and he said he uses these, from the local store in Huntsville. He said this link will fit your bike.

    I think the guys pointing you toward Odyssey brand are doing you a favor, too. I haven't heard any complaints about them other than initial price.

    Quote Originally Posted by BC1100S View Post
    Really? In a BMW forum?

    Motorrad- General BMW and bike talk

    Quote Originally Posted by Motodan View Post
    If I were a smart-axs I'd say John Deere (since we are on the other-side's Forum).
    Wouldn't do you much good.

    "General (or unspecified model) BMW Parts


    John Deere accessory plugs for BMW accessory plugs

    Date: Wed, 18 Feb 1998 10:16:58 -0400 (EDT)
    From: Steve Welsh

    Accessory plugs for the "new" K's & R's:
    the male plug is John Deere #RE11344 $7.3
    the female socket is JD #AL25073 $3.8"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pauls1150 View Post
    Don't the Odysseys need a "special" charger?
    I am not a battery expert but my answer is sort of yes and sort of no.

    What the flyers that came with my Odyssey batteries say that seems most important is that proper charging needs a rate of at least 6 amps. So my little 1 amp or 1.5 amp smart chargers are not suitable. So for the Odyssey batteries I have (a couple) I use my "big" charger that has 2 amp, 6 amp and 12 amp settings. I use it on the 6 amp setting.

    I don't use it as a maintenance charger - just attach it for a few hours if the bike has not been ridden for a month or so.
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    Optimate-4 With Odyssey PC680

    I use the Optimate-4 to maintain the PC680 on my R1200RT. It's attached to the bike all winter, and whenever the bike's in the garage the rest of the year. On long trips I let the big RT alternator maintain the battery.

    Latest PC680 installed in 7/2012. Doing just fine.
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    Here is another vote for the Odyssey PC680 battery. I also use the Optimate charger.

    I've used the PC680 in K75s, R11RS, various airheads, and most recently my Harley. [I added some foam padding around the PC680 as it was a bit smaller than the HD (and /6, /7, and K75S) battery box].

    Works fine.

    I have ordered the PC680 on-line from the link below (free shipping).

    I don't recall where I got the Optimate charger. Following are links -

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