Thought I would take the time to share something that I have been chasing for almost 6 - 8 months now. A little bit of background.

Purchased this Yellow Song Bird (only name I could think of) about this time last year. When I had it shipped from the PO it leaked like there were no gaskets installed. Took a bit of time and it's now oil tight. It is to bad people who think they can wrench will not spend $ 25.00 for new crush washers, gear shift seal and oil pan gasket. Oh well! Took the Bing's apart, cleaned them check the float height and put it back together. Replaced the fuel lines with Tigone (think that's how you spell it) and replaced the fuel filters that were on the fuel lines already as they looked clean. Started right up, balanced the carbs and dialed the speed into about 1000 rpm. Machine idles beautifully. Shut it down, turned the pet cocks off and the left carb was over flowing out of the carburator. This went one off and one for all of last summer and just started doing it again when I had the machine into the shop here so that a potential new owner can inspect it, as I have decided to get rid of my collection and ride a 2009 R1200RT that I bought last fall.

I was all but ready to strip the left carb again and then made a startling discovery. The Boozo Brain (me) who put the left fuel filter up side down, thus any fine particles that were there was flowing into the carb and may have caused the float needle to stick open.

I guess the moral of the story is, even as good as we all are, sometimes we do the stupidest things and can't see the clearing through the forest! Wanted to share this with my fellow brothers who ride the BMW Airheads in that the simplest things are sometimes over looked.

Here is the link to the 89 BMW idling the other day:

Copy and paste it in your Internet search engine bar and it will take you straight to the 45 second clip of it running. If you look closely you can see the fuel filter which is upside down as I discovered this after my evening meal later in the shop.