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Thread: Protective Sleeves for Wiring

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    Protective Sleeves for Wiring

    I'm getting ready to install the Skene P3-TS lights and looking at available options to run the wires from the led lights to the controller. Also, I'm going to get power from the front parking light wire at the headlight connector so I want to sleeve that wire as well. I'd like to run the wires in some sort of protective sleeves to eliminate potential rubbing etc. A Google search yielded a ton of different materials and types of sleeves. The wires from the leds are very thin so I'm looking for something with a very small diameter. I'd appreciate hearing from anyone with experience and/or suggestions on what to use and perhaps where to get the best suited sleeves.

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    The material you want is called wire loom. It comes in several different sizes and a couple of different colors. I can't remember where I bought mine but I found the vendor by Googling. IIRC it was also available at Napa, though I discovered that after my online purchase.

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    I usually use heat shrink, available in 3 or 4' lengths, and the good stuff stays pretty flexable.

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    I'll second the heat shrink. I used 1/4" or 3/8" on my installation. You can buy it by the roll in 25' lengths on amazon.
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    Just don't over-heat the shrink tubing - the rubber insulation on the wires ain't exactly enduro.

    Standard stuff is easily available at places like Fry's, Radio Shack, and Harbor Freight; HF also sells some "marine-grade" which works well - it's a bit thicker and includes a little bit of heat-activated adhesive on the inside, but it takes a little more heat to shrink it. It's also more difficult to slice it length-wise with an Exacto-knife if you need to troubleshoot the connection.

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    I buy my heat shrink in rolls from Sky Geek. If you wantto easily thread several feet of thin wire through skrink tube, it is important that it be rolled without being creased or crimped flat as is essentiually all the garbage heat shrink you will find in auto parts stores- that stuff is only suitable for cutting small pieces to use on connections becasue it can't be easily threaded.

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