Hi guys:

I thought this would be easy.

CycleBrakes shows D196-2 for a front set, and D196R for rear but they only fit year 1995.

Spiegler shows S-BM0116 for my bike but it's for the front only.

Apparently, some kits have dual lines right from the master cylinder, eliminating the 'Y' above the wheel. Unless there is a good reason for that, I'll keep it the way it is, there isn't much extra room for another line up at the master cylinder.
What do you guys think?

If anybody knows the kit number for a 1996 R1100RS(non-ABS) front/rear with 3 front lines, I'd appreciate the information.

I can go the custom line route with Galfer but it seems to me there should be a kit.

Thanks for any help.