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Ok, so I do have a head like a cue ball. I also really like quiet. Also air flow. So I visit Grand Rapids BMW and talk to Jim, and try on a bunch of helmets. I didn't look at pricing - just the fit, how quiet it seemed, how it functioned (modulars are very different in feel), and ended up with the Schuberth. The key was they had demo helmets so I could try different sizes and they'd be used a bit. The inner liner material feels very high quality, there is little wind noise, it comes with a nice pin lock visor, and the front locks into place like a mercedes door. It was the most comfortable, quietest helmet in the place. Moving from a 3 year old HJC it was a dramatic upgrade.

I added a Sena SMH10-11 blue tooth set up (too cheap for the Schuberth model and reviews were better on the Sena) - which works better than I expected. Around town (under 55mpg) I find the helmet very quiet, and for any longer rides I wear ear plugs and can still hear music or calls very well. I think starting with whatever protection is the most comfortable is a good starting point. Was it worth the $? I rationalized it by thinking of $1 / hour of riding vs. my old helmet and was happy to pay the bill. I ride an '01 GS, so the helmet cost about 20% of the value of the bike!
Congrats! That's where I bought my Schuberth. They are all great people at Grand Rapids BMW. Jim has got to be one of the nicest people I've ever met.