I watched a YouTube video on Revzilla's channel last night about the new modular Schuberth coming to the states. It's going to be pricey at $769 but it looks like they've made some changes that will allow the helmet to fit me better and it comes with a pinlock visor. I've wanted a Schuberth for a long time b/c I think it's a very well built modular, I like the drop down shield and it has the most integrated BT setup IMO.

The new version has improvements in the overall shape, venting, the liner as well as moving some things a bit such as the chin strap being moved forward. The helmet comes with a pinlock visor, an integrated BT antenna as well as a material on the bottom of the helmet that helps prevent a helmet sliding off the seat of your bike. Some of the things mentioned seem a bit gadgety maybe but there are a lot of improvements made for the better it sounds. There's even a Woman specific helmet with a slightly different internal shape and different color liner. For current wearers of Schuberth helmets I'll be curious to hear opinions on the changes vs. what you've experienced with your current Schuberth. There's a video that compares the C3 to the C3 Pro as well.

Here's a link to the product page on Revzilla's site along with the videos. C3 Pro Helmet