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    Helmet fitting

    My 2009 aria profile helmet fits just as it should according to the online videos. However, the cheek pads pushed in too much so I started to order the next size smaller even though they were $45.00 from Arai.

    When I got to the part about shipping cast, they wanted to charge $50.00 to ship them.

    After a glass of pino noir, I had enough courage to take the chin pads out and trim them down.
    Now they fit well and I saved enough for a case of pino noir.

    Moral of story----they are easy to trim.
    Hoa Binh (Peace)
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    Helmet fitting

    Keep in mind that many brands of helmet with removable cheek (and other) pads have pads that are pre-sliced part-way through to adjust their thickness. In my Arai, if one removes the fabric covering the cheekpad, there is a 5mm-thick pre-slice that can be separated. I'm assuming that - since the manufacturer pre-cut the slice - that the result is still fully protective as designed. Don't forget that is important!
    James D. "Jim" Howard

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