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Thread: Battery Cable Upgrade Kit

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    Wow! .... I had no idea they were around, and I live in RI.... thanks for the link and the tip!!

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    Yesterday I spoke with a knowledgeable friend of mine. He had just fabricated new battery cables for his dump truck using "0" cable. He showed me a hand held hydraulic crimper (with various dies) that he bought at Harbor Freight. He was pleased with the crimping that he did with it. Having marine experience with cables in a salt water environment, he highly recommended working grease as far into the strands as possible.

    Although the cable from would seem to be the best choice.

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    Can't say that others have had problems but my bike is 20 years old and I made my own cable when I got the bike. It consists of a 14 gauge wire with a BNC connector on the end. The other part is the typical eye flange with the other half of the BNC connector welded on. That part stays on the transmission. The result being that every time I park the bike or need to work on it, I just twist the connector and off it comes. My battery lasts longer also.
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