2007 K1200Gt 31K miles, My throttle seems to be sticking, the bike also does not like 3000 rpm. Let me explain.
For about a week or so now the bike has had a little stumble at 3000 rpm, no big deal as I am not riding at 3000 all that much. But tonight things were different, the throttle seemed to be sticking between 2500 and 3000 rpm, I had to use quite a bit of brake to get the revs back down, they do come down on their own, but they take their sweet time about it. Now when I try to run the engine at 3000 in neutral it will stay there for a few minutes then drop off to about 1500.
So my questions are this, is there even a cable to stick or is the bike drive by wire? And is this a know issue that others have experienced and how did they remedy it. Thanks