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Thread: R100/7 for Restoration

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    R100/7 for Restoration

    Some of my friends will Email me airheads that owners want to get rid of. This morning I got an Email of a R100/7 in south central Connecticut that appears to need very little work. It is listed on Craig's List for $1300. It appears to be a good bike at a very low price. I don't know the owner, or anything else about the bike. Right now my plate is very full, so I am not going to buy the bike. But, if you are looking for an airhead to restore, you might want to look at this one. Looks like a very sweet find.

    The listing for the bike is here:

    Listing for the bike: 1976 BMW r100/7...runs but needs new battery, possibly new brakes and the gas cap may need to be replaced because It will not open. It was a project for me but do not have the time anymore to work on it. Price can be discussed just shoot me an email and we will go from there

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    R100/7 for Restoration

    Man, wish stuff like that popped up around here!!

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    Wow, for that price I would grab it too! It has the Lester mag wheels instead of the spoked wheels (ok) and not the early snowflake wheels which could be a problem. Could make a great bike.
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