I am going to be in the market soon to buy a used GS bike. I don't plan to do much off road riding, but i do want to do some long range riding when nature calls. I am a taller dude, and have sat on the bikes enough to know my legs reach the ground. I plan to have the big boxes on, crash bars, skid plate ect....

But, i have heard whispers that the F800GS is a better purchase. For a dude that is 6'1" and 230lbs, would a F8GS be better? or the 1200?

If it helps, i probably will want a bike between 2005-09. Most of the time, it will be a daily around town bike. But when i want to go to the mountains to ride, i want something that will be comfortable.

Or, are they about the same as far as what i am asking? not so much power, but comfort and distance.

Thanks guys/gals!