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Thread: sourcing wire

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    A couple of good sources for background information on color codes, metric sizes etc as discussed above:

    Snowbum's as-usual complete description

    and another general information source

    Unfortunately, no luck in finding raw-wire sources. Wirewerkes (Robert vanVliet) used to do some sub assemblies for dealers, but Robert passed just a couple of months ago, bless his curmudgeonly, helpful, soul.....

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    Try They sell all color coded wire in various sizes. They sell by the meter and their prices are reasonable.

    'Blackwire" syndrome is a problem with older bikes. As the strands corrode the current capacity is reduced. The best wire to use is marine grade. This wire has all the strands tinned to prevent corrosion in a wet environment.

    When I redo a wiring loom I use a sheet of plywood to hold the work. I drill small holes on either side of the wire route and install wire ties to hold the wires in place. When done I use shrink tube to incase the wires. BMW terminals are available at Max BMW. They were on sale. Part number 61 13 1 362 369 is the hard black plastic one.
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    Looks like the Rhode Island folks have the right color codes. it might not be 'factory correct' but if I use this stuff, at least someone later who's looking for the "green wire with a yellow stripe" will be able to figure it out.

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    When you've farkled or otherwise made mods to your wiring, it can be hard to remember what you did many months later. So. . the guy who you are helping to figure out what you did will most likely be YOU!
    I use colored electrical tape and code plain colored wire, after installation, at strategic spots with the correct colors. Remember to update your Clymers wiring diagram also. . that will speed up any troubleshooting if something goes dark.
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    I have...4 bikes. All of which have extremely ratty harnesses. Having coonfingered one of the new 'replacement' harnesses, I wouldn't put one on a chinese scooter. They're horrible. So, I'm going to have to make my own. Which is why I was so insistant about 'correct color codes.'

    Should be interesting.

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    Just saw this in advrider:

    Didn't check the colors, but they carry a variety of wire and connectors and the old fabric covered wire for the old bikes/cars.

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