I plan to install a BMW GPS Mounting Bracket (Part # 71607713903) that I bought at a dealer today on my 2006 R1200GS. I thought I'd ask the service manager for any Tips/Tricks (there's always a "trick") before I left and he grimaced when I told him what I wanted to do. He said "Its a difficult job. BMW has painted the T-25 torx bolts that have to replaced (so the Torx fitting is somewhat filled with paint and the edges are completely "painted in") and if that's not enough, the windshield and the speedo/instrument cluster needs to be removed."

He spent a few minutes with me pointing out what needed to be done and it does look like a nasty job...fraught with the risk of totally hosing up the torx bolts that need to come out.

Has anyone done this and have any words of wisdom for me?

Many thanks,

P.S. I looked at the similar Touratech product (http://www.touratech-usa.com/Store/1...38ea50b1fc97ec) and their installation instructions warn of the same install challenges.