I'm gong to be trailering out to CO from North Georgia at the end of August and need some suggestions for locations
to home base out of. We have done all of CO a few years ago so for this trip we are thinking of the first stay to be in
Durango, CO. From there spend a couple of days and then move on to UT(Possibly Moab??) Do some riding in that area
a few days and then maybe head over towards Loa to do a few rides there. From there it's off north to Wyoming(Jackson?)
to ride Grand Teton and Yellowstone a few days. From there trailer to Cheyenne and then back home. From my description
you can get the idea of what I'm trying to do, the question is which cities would be the best to stage out of. We would like
to be able to walk to dinner if possible and have a few more restaurant choices then McDonalds. I have all of the Butler maps
for where all the good roads are, just not sure of places to stay. Thanks for the help.