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Thread: MOA Board of Directors, in the running

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    MOA Board of Directors, in the running

    hello everyone I want to introduce myself to the membership and let you all know I will be running for the MOA Board of Directors. First of all my back ground as a rider, I have been riding motorcycles since early 70's legally, and my 1st BMW in 1982. I have been to many rallies and national rallies thru the years, and volunteered at registration, security, and MSF classes. I ran the rider classes for the foundation at the national in WI. I am a motorcycle safety rider coach and have been teaching as my fulltime employment as well as running a rider education training site for the past 19 yrs. I am a rider, a member of MOA since 1982 and local clubs as well. Past president, vice president and rally chair, of BMWMOV. I am a member of Twisted Shaft MC in Ft Collins as well as several other BMW clubs, including the Iron Butt Association, as well as being an Iron Butt Rally finisher, (even though it took me three tries). I want to speak for the membership. I realize we can't always make everyone happy but I believe everyone has a right to be heard. I am coming into this with interesting perspectives. I have had the feeling lately that clubs on the state level need a fire lit under them again. The passion for riding as it was when I first got into this. I still have that passion! I know life gets in the way sometimes but remember back to your first ride? I want to inject that passion back into the membership and I am asking for everyone's vote and support to try and accomplish this. Thank you for hearing me out!
    Marsha Hall
    Marsha Hall
    2012 GS Rallye, Vespa 250GT, Iron Buffalo Motorcycle Training, lead rider coach

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    Thank you for running.

    And better yet, thanks for the introduction. You are not lacking in qualifications.

    Best of luck!
    Ride Well

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    Best of everything Marsha! You truly have what it takes!

    Pat Carol
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    BMWMOAF, Past Director
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    2017 National Rally Co-Chair, Salt Lake City, Utah

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