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Thread: Dallas/Fort Worth: Want a photo of your bike with a pretty lady?

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    Dallas/Fort Worth: Want a photo of your bike with a pretty lady?

    A friend of mine is setting up a girls and bikes photo shoot at Montgomery Plaza (7th street downtown) in March(it's a tossup between the 2nd and the 16th right now). She is in need of motorcycles to fill the ranks. I told her I'd scout some out for her and get her some pics to look at.

    She's one that only sees bikes as cruisers and sport bikes and I figured this would be a good opportunity to educate those who show up on the fact there are more than two kinds of bikes out there and give ya a chance to get a shiny new picture with your bike and a pretty lady.

    If you are interested post a pic of your bike here that I will forward to her and she'll let me know which bikes she wants to include in the shoot.

    Hope to hear from some of ya'll
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    Had a friend of mine that needed bikes to volunteer for the for a local photo shoot. I dug up some folks from the local forums then we all met up at various locations for the photo shoot. I snapped a bunch of my own photos with my iPhone5 and figured I'd share. The pics they took were of scantily clad women on the bikes which I have none of those yet.

    Anyway here are some shots from around the Ft Worth Downtown area.
    These were at an old abandoned grain silo complex.

    Some from the top of a local parking structure

    I'll take back what I said earlier I do have one picture of the ladies that braved the 30ish degree weather for the shoot

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