Since we have Rules of the Road, how about my Rules of Motorcycling?:

Doug‘«÷s Rules of Motorcycling
1. The chance of collecting a nail in a tire is inversely proportional to the tire‘«÷s mileage.
2. The only dead animal carcass for 100 miles will be directly in your bike‘«÷s path of travel, around a blind curve.
3. Your motorcycle‘«÷s seat will be comfortable for the first 400 miles and hell after that. You will discover this on the first 700 mile day of your 5000 mile trip.
4. Batteries and chains fail without warning, usually on the same 5000 mile trip.
5. Pre-running guarantees that something on the route will change after the pre-run and before the group ride.
6. The first bug splat of the day on your face shield will be directly in your line of sight.
a. Corollary 1: It will be the biggest bug splat of the day.
b. Corollary 2: It will happen just before you roll into your favorite set of twisties.
7. (Speaking of twisties‘«™) Just after you round the first corner, you will find a slow moving pack of Harleys in front of you.
8. As a group leader, at least one motorcycle in your group will be running on bald tires. When you point that out, the rider will insist he still gets good traction, even though the cord is showing on the tire.
9. Remember: The weatherman is only right 50% of the time.
10. Communications fail just as you need them. (This is an old military adage‘«™applies here as well!)