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Thread: Passenger seat as storage closet

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    I'm not a complete minimalist and sometimes do a mix of motel and camping on solo trips so pack to make that easy. Camping gear (tent, mat, seat, cooking gear, etc) segregated in a dry bag on the passenger seat (held by a crisscross of Rokstraps through its handles, there is zero chance of it coming off while riding), clothes and stuff for inside the tent on a liner bag in the topcase, riding gear layers in the clutch side case and tools/maps/bike supplies in the throttle side case. Tank bag set up to charge electrics, run heated gear , carry munchies and water unless its so hot I'm wearing a camelback or even my Veskimo (I like my comfort)....I have extra space for souvenirs and carrying a few cold ones when desired...

    My friends Jerry and Barb have the drill down to a fine art for dual travel while camping on the RT- even with the pooch as in his note. They make it look easy and there is no doubt that pooch loves to ride that RT..

    But most of my friends who do long camping trips two up use a trailer. I suspect in most cases that choice is driven by the requirements of the female half and to some extent by the simple fact that one can be less organized with more space to haul stuff- allows large tents, bigger chairs, optional comfort items etc..

    My SO doesn't camp and when we go dual she rides her R1100S carrying her own gear. I added a few things like a gps, a small electrified tank bag that serves as her purse, etc to it plus a larger screen to make it a better touring fit for her.. Among this years trips is a 2 week one to RA and UNRally that are back to back in the NC mountains (Asheville and Blowing Rock). The helmet bluetooth sets we use work for solo or dual runs...

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    Storage Closet

    It is all up to you how much you want to carry. You just have to adjust your speed.


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    Quote Originally Posted by JConway607 View Post
    Some interesting solutions. Having your spouse ride her own bike pretty much solves the problem. BMWs have plenty of storage space for one person camping, and of course you can always use the passenger seat "closet". The problem comes in when she would rather sit behind you on trips, which often makes sense. Less motorcycles to buy, less storage in garage, less insurance, less maintenance, less gas, etc. But that is a different topic to be debated. Trailers, also, work very well. But the large racks that are shown here, which incidentally, are an education for me, seem like just what I was thinking of. I didn't know they existed. They look like you could carry a lot of bulky, but somewhat light stuff on them, easily lash it down, and not arrive at camp and realize your tent slipped off somewhere along the way. Just what most of us need. Does anyone know if any of them can be fitted with a backrest for the passenger? Like the old Reynolds racks often seen on airheads. That would seem to make them perfect.
    Strapping stuff to the top of the side cases seems workable. The only problem I see is that they are somewhat curved on top, made of very slippery material, and there are no places to tie into. I would love to see BMW mold some hooks or rings into the sides/bottoms of the cases to allow you to easily tie stuff to them. I can't bring myself to drill holes into the cases and put in "eye" bolts.
    John check out this bungee buddies thread, if you are not sure about drilling holes into your cases.

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    I prefer to carry most of my weight low on the pax seat. AFterall that seat was designed to carry a whole nuther person. Go buy a fish scale from wal mart and weigh your gear.

    on my last bike all of my camping gear clothes and food equaled out to 85 to 90 lbs. About 25 to 30 lbs of that was luggage weight (dual pelican cases and Givi topcase). That's still much less than most passengers you will carry. I don't like riding 2 up personally but other folks enjoy it. I have no problem using the pax seat as a luggage shelf and leaving myself some room in all my bags to carry extra stuff I may findon the road.

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    I have a system that I use on my GSA (I built the bag for my R100GSPD and changed the mount to adapt it to the GSA). The bag is attached to a mount that locks into the passenger seat connections (the passenger seat is replaced with the bag and mount). The bag has all my camping gear (tent, stove, sleeping bag and pad, cooking utensils, etc.) that I need to camp and can be removed simply by turning the key to unlock the rear seat latch. If I don't plan to camp, the bag stays home. The bag is waterproof and has a mesh pocket on top for drying wet towels and such while you ride.
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    Guilty of carrying everything.

    2nd offense

    reformed criminal

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    I carry a reasonable amount for myself.
    And still have enough space for a passenger, if she were to come with no baggage. Which of course is an impossibility.
    So my solution is to have her fly or drive to a destination, and meet me there.
    I suppose it would be good take up with a 'biker chick' who has her own bike. My second wife was a biker chick, but, a Harley biker chick, so she never wanted to tote more than a blue bandana, which meant we could never go very far together.

    Oh, for some time I did covet those Corbin Smuggler trunks, but I guess I gave up that idea.

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    Quote Originally Posted by David13 View Post
    ... so she never wanted to tote more than a blue bandana, which meant we could never go very far together.
    : I spit some of my coffee out on that one...classic!
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    No problem for us. Wife and I travel with just the factory side cases and large top case. No added stuff hung on the bike and we go for up to a month at a time and cover many thousands of miles. We rough it too: Our idea of roughing it is staying at a motel / hotel without room service. By using Best Western most of the time we even get free stays once in a while.
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