I have a 2012 1200RT that I purchased a few months ago. The bike was on the showroom floor when I bought it and was standard suspension with a regular seat. Before taking delivery, I swapped the seat for the extra low seat and was quite confident in riding the bike as far as control and maneuvering is concerned, but very uncomfortable in terms of riding comfort for trip longer than 45-50 miles. I have put a little over 2500 miles on the extra-low seat.

A month ago, I picked up an OEM low-heated seat, hoping to be able to ride more comfortably (a little more padding and I was able to get my heated seat), however, I have been very disappointed with the comfort level in the low seat. Frankly, I find the extra-low seat to be more comfortable than the low seat. This is my opinion after over 800 miles on the low seat, including one 300 mile day that left me sore for several days.

I ordered a low-heated Sargent seat last week and was very excited when the box arrived this morning. Opening the box that was filled with packing peanuts was like Christmas morning, until I pulled the seat out and it felt pounds lighter than the OEM seat and the padding bottomed out to the plastic seat pan with very little effort from my fingers.

I spent the rest of the afternoon hoping that my first impressions were wrong and that all would be comfy when I put the seat on the bike. The next disappointment was the fact that nothing was mentioned about having to splice the original heat cable on the bike and put on a Sargent proprietary connector. This is a major oversight on Sargent's part and not in the spirit of full disclosure.

My next disappointment came after the seat was on the bike (not including the heat part yet...) and seeing how poor the tolerances are in comparison to the oem seats. I thought that perhaps I had not gotten the seat properly situated in the mounts, but after three attempts to reposition it with the same results, I have concluded that this is simply the way it is.

I could perhaps overlook all of these concerns if only it would deliver to me the promised comfort that I had been hoping for... It is pissing rain right now and my next chance to ride will not be until the weekend, however, sitting on the bike for a few minutes leads me to believe that this will be no better than what I already had. I feel as though the seat bottoms out immediately and that there is only the thinnest layer of padding. I do appreciate however the wider platform that gives a little more support across my entire, eh, seat.

Before I purchased the Sargent, I called two of the three Mayer guys, and had decided to go with the "day long" saddle, until I spoke with the sales rep on the phone regarding the seat height, and they told me that the seat height would be at least 2 inches TALLER than what I already have. This ruled them out as an option immediately.

I wont know for certain until the weekend if my suspicions are correct about the Sargent needing to be returned for a refund. Where do I go from here?

Thanks for you help in advance!
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