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Thread: Sena SMH5

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    Sena SMH5

    I just purchased the Sena smh5 for my wife and I. We have an intercom on the LT but there seems to be lots of interference and engine whine when the unit is on and we are underway plus my wife hears well and i am hard of hearing. (Too much rock and roll in my younger days) Hopefully this new unit will help out greatly. I will also be using it for my iPhone, iPod and my GPS. Seems to do it all. Does anyone have any experience with this unit? Any help at all would be appreciated.

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    I have one. It is easy to sync it with iPhone's using bluetooth. Read the manual on syncing with Bluetooth and setting up the intercom. Then walk around you house with your helmet on for a week or two and you will be a pro. Although this might seem silly, you can easily get distracted while on the bike messing with a new device.

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