I call them a double pull zipper but there is probably a more accurate description of what i mean , I just don't know what else to call it.

I bought a Tourmaster Transition 3 jacket this winter after reading all the reviews and comparing costs it seemed like a good value.

However, the main zipper is a real bear to deal with.
Trying to get the left side ( male) part to fit all the way down through the two right side closers is almost impossible to do without either outside help, or many frustrating attempts.
I contacted Tourmaster and they said to send them the jacket ( at my expense) and they would be happy to look at it . That would be fine if it were summer , but it's my only winter jacket, so that won't work unless I either ride in a summer jacket or not ride at all.

I have tried to lube the zipper with some dry slide, trimmed off the odd bit of fabric and thread that could possible be hanging up the zipper function to no avail, it's driving me nuts !

A friend and I were both standing in the parking lot today trying to get zipped up while everyone else was ready to go.

I got home and put on my old and nearly dead BMW Savannah 2 jacket that has the same style zipper but looks like it is made of a different material. It works fine after all these years .

Any suggestions on how to fix the Transition 3 zipper problem ??