I'm new to the MOA and fairly new to riding in general. I've been riding for about 2 years and my first and only bike thus far is my 2000 R1100R. I bought is used in Decatur TX for a steal of a price! Not much demand for BMW R bikes in this part of Texas I put just under 10k miles on it last year and I plan to beat that this year.

I don't have any good pics of the bike right now, I'm working through a self induced electrical problem. So this will have to do. My brother, his best friend, and I rode down to Grandbury TX for the day. My Brother is in the center on his brand new Victory Hammer. 2 Weeks ago he was in a serious accident on that bike. An 18 wheeler pulled out in front of him and he struck the left front wheel of the cab-over truck. He is currently in the trauma ICU in Ft Worth. He is hurt real bad, but we remain confident that he will make a full recovery.

Anyway, thanks for looking!