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Thread: r80 sidecar project

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    r80 sidecar project

    I am planning on building a sidecar rig with a 1979 r80/7. Will an earls fork assembly from a/2 bolt up to my /7 steering head?

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    Welcome abroad smitty.

    This sounds like a question well suited for the boffins over at the Sidecars & Trikes forum.
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    Lew -

    I thought the same thing too, but he has specific questions associated with the Airhead.
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    I don't think the Earle's /2 unit would be a good choice for a /7 sidecar conversion.
    Don't even know if it is possible to fit a disc brake into that fork.
    I would look for a leading link front end for a more modern unit.
    Maybe Hannigan can set you up with soemthing

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    I would get on ADVRider and ask at the Hacks Forum.
    I would also contact Chris at
    He can answer any question regarding fitting the Earles fork, and how to upgrade the braking.
    Good luck with your project.
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    As to the /2 front end fitting a later frame, I'm looking at BMW Motorcycle mag, issue summer, 2012, page 54, and a stunning performance hack with an R90S motor in a /5 frame with an R69S earls front end. Don't know how it works, except it looks like it goes and handles. IMO

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