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Thread: Any Downside to 1200RT low suspension option?

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    Any Downside to 1200RT low suspension option?

    I'm considering adding an RT to my collection, (which would double the number of bikes ). Are there any disadvantages to the low suspension option on the RT? I can touch the balls of both feet down on a standard RT with the seat in the low position, but since the RT is a little heavier bike than I'm used to and we have a lot of hills in this area, I think I'd be a little more comfortable if I could flat foot both feet. I suppose it would be easier to drag parts in a steep lean, but I'm not super-aggressive in the corners. Any comments would be greatly appreciated.


    Tim in PA
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    I must have the same inseam as you because I can only touch both balls of my feet with the RT's seat in the low position. I've never rode on that was lowered but I do often scrape my boots and foot pegs while riding aggressively. So the only downfall would be losing some clearance when cornering.

    My riding style dictates that my rear brake is on at stops. With one foot flat footed the bike is leaned over just right to keep it balanced on my down foot. Take another test ride and see how it feels with the rear brake on at a stop and one foot down, then make your choice.


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    Flat feet feel good.

    I would get the 1" lower suspension if I were you. It is better to be totally comfortable on a heavy street bike. Especially one you don't want to scratch up by dropping. If you ever ride two up, even occasionally, get the bike set up so you can flat foot it loaded 2 up. Your partner (and you) will appreciate it when you don't fall over stopping on uneven surfaces. So what that means basically is 1 up no load you will be on your toes. 2 up unloaded you are on the balls of your feet. 2 up loaded you are on flat feet. Your peg clearance should still be good when you ride enthusiastically 1 up.

    Beside you can always swap out the shocks and raise the bike 1" taller. It is easy on a RT.

    I have a 1" lowered RT with lowered pegs and ride 2 up. It has more than adequate clearance 99% of the time. Yes I have scraped a feeler once or twice 2 up loaded, in the mountains, going a bit faster than I probably should have.
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    May or may not matter to you but I think you give up the ESA II option if you get the low suspension. I like mine, others don't like it at all.

    Also seats can make a big difference so you can try different aftermarket seats after your purchase (before the purchase is better if you can swing it).

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    The way BMW lowers the bike - you lose the same amount in suspension travel as you lower the bike (shorter shocks, but same fully compressed length.)

    That can be a concern in ride quality. BMW does this so the minimum ground clearance doesn't change. There are aftermarket options (HyperPro can do it) which keep the same amount of suspension travel at the expense of slightly decreased minimum ground clearance (probably only important if you're someone who regularly drags hard parts of the bike.)
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    tsperez is correct - there is no ESA II on the factory lowered RT. Also, the standard two-piece saddle is replaced by a one-piece which is not adjustable and is the most uncomfortable saddle I've ever ridden. Replaced mine with a Corbin. Other than that, the low option has allowed this 5'6" individual to ride an RT with confidence.
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