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Thread: Some days it just doesn't pay to chew through the straps in the morning...

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    A guy in my neighborhood mentioned something about getting a builder's title. Does Texas have those available?
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    engine VIN

    When the Engine VIN came back clean, was it also able to ascertain if there was anyone still using the original Titlle with that same VIN?

    Probably, what happened with that bike was that it was originally wrecked and the engine was saved, frame scrapped. OR....someone used the frame to make a specialty bike and then sold the engine. The VIN check should reveal if the VIN is still in use as a legitimate bike and someone owns it.

    If not, you could then use that VIN on YOUR frame. You would have to stamp it in yourself.

    In Ohio, they actually look that the frame to read the number (that was on an out-of-state bike I once purchased).

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