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Check the 2nd scematic down on this link, it is a great pdf. Both F1 & F7 link to the load relief relay. F7 was empty on my bike because that is the fuse for the factory grip heaters. I located the factory wiring harness for the grip heaters and utilized F7. No wires were shorted.


The horn and load relay are the same. I used the horn relay to test the load relay slot and everything worked as advertised.

The schematic on the link is a bit unclear but following it or the BMW drawings I have show that F1, F7 and the load relief relay have a common connection to the switch. However the common connection is on the battery side not the load side of the fuses so a bad load relief relay won't overload F1 or F7.

This might be a bit clearer on this drawing: http://www.mac-pac.org/wp-content/up...ec_Diagram.pdf. Although it is for the 1100RT, the wiring is the same for those circuits.