Hi guys and gals, I've wanted to join in the past but never found the time. Well now I have the time because I can't ride...

My friend and I installed Heat Demons on my 2000 R1100R factory grips Friday and they work very well. The problem is during the process we broke something and we can't figure out what. We tapped in to 12v on the yellow/white wire under the tank forward of the connector, picked up the ground at the headlight-all using posi-locks. We used the factory BMW switch that I purchased separately.

Grip heat- check
Headlights- check
Blinkers- check
Engine- Runs like a top

Tachometer- fail
Batt charge light- On
Right ABS light- Fail
Left ABS light- check
F1 Fuse- Blown

I removed all posi-locks and returned to pre-install condition, replaced F1 15amp fuse and it blows INSTANTLY! Disconnected the connecter, replaced fuse, POP! Blown again. I removed the tank and went over all the harnesses and cannot find anything obvious. I have a multimeter and I have checked continuity at the connector I spliced into and the blue wire does not have continuity and does have a draw on it of .64ohms. We did not touch the blue wire so I am a bit confused. Blue appears to be alternator.

I need a good wire diagram but I haven't been able to locate one. I have found the color diagrams for the GS model online, but I don't know how accurate they are.

Anyone have a suggestion?


Boyd Tx