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Thread: The GS Giant vs. Bigfoot... who's bigger?

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    The GS Giant vs. Bigfoot... who's bigger?

    It is ON in OR!

    The year: 2013 The date: July 14-20. The location: all over the Pacific Northwest, with the final destination at the BMW MOA rally in Salem, OR. It is open to all riders on all brands of bike, and all skill levels. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE A BIG DOG TO HAVE A BIG TIME. This event is fun, it is an excellent opportunity to learn, and a great way to make new friends.

    In 2012, a bunch of folks had a very big time in Arkansas and Missouri. For 2013, we're going to find out who's the biggest ground pounder out west and if you're not familiar with the fun we have, please enjoy this video.

    "Who's the GS Giant?" you ask? We'll all find out together at the 2013 BMW MOA International Rally in Salem, Oregon.

    "What's a GS Giant?" The Giant is the winner of an adventure event that starts this spring and continues through the rally in July.

    To win the GS Giant Adventure Event, you must be:

    1. A good navigator that rides off the beaten path to the rally.
    2. A good storyteller with photo and/or video skills being part of the picture.
    3. An adventuresome ride through the wilds of the Pacific Northwest.
    4. A decent rider on the track, someone who doesn't put their feet down.

    However, it's important to know that most people ride it just for fun. You don't have to compete to have a great time.

    Volunteers needed

    Of course, none of this happens without volunteers, and volunteering is a big part of the fun.

    Scorekeepers - good with a spreadsheet, and a good nose for BS (the Queen is iffy for Oregon)
    Data Wranglers - collect riders‘«÷ pics, vids and proof points. You'll need a laptop, we have the hard drive
    Event hosts - local expert who can show visitors a great time.
    Ride leaders - sweeps, too... riders who can help others with less experience
    Route planners - know the good local riding? Got GPS?
    GS BS Geeks - know all the bizarre POIs?
    Track setup and management - good with hand tools and picking up bikes?
    Competition judges - you need a good eye, and a hydration pack.
    Seminars - are you interested in giving one at either rally?

    Many volunteers come from the ranks of the GS Giants, a virtual club that formed at previous events and is growing like a, well, Giant!

    More information coming here, so subscribe to this thread!.
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