Not to highjack this thread but - got a newbie question and my Shop Manual is at home. I bought a 77 R100s from my cousin in Detroit, it has 11K on the clock and been in storage in his garage for 25(?) years. Paint is in excellent condition and engine turns freely, tank is relatively clean, but carbs are gummed up. Will have to see when I receive the bike and get it running what condition the engine seals are in. I'm in the process of acquiring the parts I know I will need (fluids, air cleaner, battery, carb rebuild kits, caliper kits, etc) including tires - so here is the two 'duh' questions - in that the 77 R100s has spoked wheels I assume it requires tubes, correct? Also, assuming it does, I also assume there isn't a problems inserting tubes in a tubeless tire such as the Activs? From my research and info in this thread (and others) in process of ordering Michelin Activs (3.25 x 19 and 4.00 x 18) and would like to know if I should order the tubes along with them. Thanks - many, many more questions to follow when I get the bike out here. Thanks -