I am seriously considering the "Sargent World Sport Performance" seat as a replacement to the stock seat on my 2011 F650GS. I have read numerous threads about seating choices and I understand that seats are one of those "individual fit" items.

Some of the advantages I see with the Sargent:
1) Underseat Tool Storage
2) Underseat Manual Storage
3) Based on other threads - Good Fit to Bike
4) Based on other threads - High Quality Seat Pan

So my last issue I am trying to resolve is that I am concerned with the placement of the seating position.

Specifically, will it be too far back for me? I am 5' 7" with a 30" inseam. From the photos available, it appears that the raised back edge of the "saddle" lines up with the middle of the gas cap. Based on how I fit the bike with the stock seat, this would put the raised back edge about 1.5" further back than my current position.

Does anyone have any experience they would care share regarding seating position on the F650GS with a "Sargent World Sport Performance" seat?