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Thread: Ride THE GS Giant's Rides!

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    Ride THE GS Giant's Rides!

    Attention GS / ADV Riders, we are posting the MapSource GPS Waypoint Database file for downloading into your GPS. As part of the 34th Annual "Land of Oz" Rally, you do not want to miss these two rides built by THE GS Giant Eddie McLiney! So be ready to ride when you get to the "Land of Oz" The download is on the Rally Web Page as "Download 2 GS rides in one file
    This is MapSource GPS Waypoint Database file
    Please right click and "save link as"
    GS ride .gdb File"

    So click the heels of your Ruby Riding Boots together 3 times and say, "There's no Rally like Oz" and you will soon be on your way to Linn County Park, LaCynge, KS, the doorsteps of the beautiful Kansas Flint Hills and Ozarks. US 69 at K52, south of Kansas, City (N38.22.253 W94.38.889). Rally entry fee is $35 for adults or $15 for a day pass. Full registration includes: 3 nights amping, 3 meals (Friday and Saturday dinner and Sunday continental breakfast), Friday night dance to the music of one of KC's hottest bands, Saturday movie night, field events, kid's events, door prizes, Very Special Grand Prize, "Bernie's Best Tour" ride, and featuring downloadable into your GPS GS "Gravel Rides" by THE GS Giant Eddie McLiney! For pre-registration please contact Darren Marshall (registration chair) at (913) 238-4803 or for all other information Don Hamblin (rally chair) at (816) 600-2475.

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    Smile, get dirty:)

    Ya'll have a great time. I'm missing out, I am certain of it. West coast to you is really not probable for me this time, but did get the riding in there last year coming from Sedalia back West. Nice country in the middle. Good luck, gets lots of GSers and send pics. Randy

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    Officially sanctioned by the Queen! Sorry I can't be there tho.

    Please post this info on the GSG's website/forum as well. Click the link below.

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    Though I won't make it out there, I thought I'd have a look at the routes anyway. Just thought you should know that the file is in xml format and not a gdb. Might want to get that fixed so those who really do want to check them out, can.
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