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    Yosemite Ride

    Fast forward to Yosemite. I arrived at the entrance station just about noon
    and stopped on the way for a couple of the distance, you can just
    make out Bridalveil Falls.

    Some of the road construction isn't complete making valley traffic worse than
    Valley Traffic

    Worried I'd miss the boys, it took nearly a half hour to go less than five
    miles to the Ahwahnee.

    I was late and no one was around. So, walked the grounds and tried to imagine
    what this was like back when Gilbert Stanely Underwood designed this 150,000sf
    lodge. In case you were wondering, Ahwahnee means "deep, grassy meadow" which
    the hotel is situated in. I think Jerry had it right when he said enjoy a
    drink on the patio.

    It was getting towards two pm and I needed to start making tracks. I wanted
    to visit Glacier Point before I left. Back the traffic jam and out 41 to
    Glacier Point.

    Here, the last remnants of winter still hold on. Including the slight chill
    as I pass larger accumulations of snow.

    This is my feeble attempt at the "on-bike" shot. Headed down the road to
    Glacier Point.

    Glacier Point was the site of one of the National Park's nicest hotels.
    It burned to the ground and wasn't rebuilt.

    Here's what you would have had to look at in the morning.

    Glacier Point offers one of the nicest views of the water falls. To the right,
    Nevada Falls and to the center, Vernal Falls.

    The view of the Ahwahnee from Glacier puts the size of the park in perspective.

    The mighty GS was my ride of choice today and I should give it props for the
    fine ride!

    I exited the park and headed over to Hwy 49 for some fun in the twisties.
    Should have paid more attention to the clock for the ride WEST was into the
    setting sun. You can see the twists and even where the road goes high above
    the lake.

    That's about it. No shots on the way as I was making time and didn't arrive
    home until nearly ten pm. What a day!


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    oh man, the waterfalls look sweet this year. here i sit, green with envy - good report, and thanks for sharing.

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    Nice one, Ian. I haven't been there since I was a kid. Is 120 still closed?
    Dave Swider
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    I stopped at Crane Flat (junction of 120/Tioga Pass) and this is what I

    You can get from here to Yosemite Creek. Beyond that, the road is closed.

    To give you an idea of what's left, there's a 10 mile stretch that needs to be
    plowed plus all the other road work (clearing the ditches for water runoff
    and other repair work) not to mention the still active avy zones. Crews will
    not work where there's avalance danger. I'm guessing they'll open the road
    just in time to make a run before it's closed for the season OK, not that
    long. But July is a good guess for opening.


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    Great Report....Fantastic Photos.... Thanks For Sharing....

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    Great pics! Thanks for taking us along.

    Man, I love this place.

    Question: maybe my memory is fuzzy, but I don't remember a big black mark on the face of Half Dome. Has that always been there?

    Kbasa - you live in Marin and haven't been to Yosemite since you were a kid... what's up with that???

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