www.mileageslaves.com now presents great road maps of the Smoky Mountain region based on Susan Galpin's recommendations. These include hidden "cuts" between highways not found on state highway maps.

As well, the site was created for a bit of Internet BMW Rider mileage fun but is open to all. Feel free to register your own miles to help you track them for AMA Long Rider or BMW rider acknowledgement or just for your own amusement. If you wish, create your own fun mileage contest which you for sure will win!

I have identified the next generation of Road Warriors intimate with the roads in other key parts of the planet. But the road beckons for the Raider Nova Scotia run, then the MOA National, so it may be a bit before I update the site. Your patience appreciated.

The Raider Ride St. Louis/Montana leaves on 18 August and will include the youngest Raider ever. Another planned for October will end up at the RA National in Tennessee. If any interest, let me know. dancindave@aol.com

Dancin Dave