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Thread: Brake Rotors 2005 RT

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    Brake Rotors 2005 RT

    I have been noticing some pulsing when I apply the front brakes. I check the rotors and they run straight but the thickness varies .0015 on one side. Bearings are fine and the wheel varies about .010 at the bead. Any suggestions on what brake rotors to replace them with?

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    If they are available (I believe they just released some) I'd go with EBC rotors. They were the only rotors that resisted the surface friction change that caused my K75S to require more rotors then tires.. I'd also suggest using their HH rated pads. Good bite, minimal dusting, good in wet weather. I know EBC had a rear rotor for the R12 series, I seem to recall getting an announcement of front rotors about a month or so ago.
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    I had the same issue on my 2005 R1200ST and decided to try Spiegler's rotors which have worked very well. I put them on "full-floating" which is a bit noisy however.

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