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Thread: New owner in North GA.

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    New owner in North GA.

    New GS owner here. Looking forward to learning all I can about the bike. My riding prior to this has been on an ST1300 (still in the garage). A good friend and riding partner convinced me to buy his "old" bike (2006 model) so he could buy a new GS. So, in addition to a "new" bike, I'm gaining a whole new set of roads to try out in the north GA, western NC, eastern TN area. Hopefully my dirt bike riding experience plus my more recent touring bike miles will serve me well.

    BTW, I'd be very interested in joining in any tech events that are planned. Any info available on this?

    See ya,


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    Bob -

    Welcome to the forum! Sounds like you have dirt experience...what type of bikes and riding did you do back then?

    As for tech events, look through the South Regional Forum for anything that might be going on. Or post a question about any events that might be planned in your area. Maybe you can scare up some interest!
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