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Thread: '05 GS Possible oil Pressure problem...???

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    '05 GS Possible oil Pressure problem...???

    I have an '05 1200GS with 25k miles(my first road bike, so be gentle). I have had the bike since 15k miles with no problems. However, recently on a hot day in stop and go traffic, the RED flashing light came on. I was lane splitting in stopped traffic. I quickly made it to the shoulder and turned the bike off. After checking the obvious, i.e. oil level, fuel, temp gauge, tire pressure, etc. I restarted the bike. The light went off. I continued, but repeated the process 2 more nearly random times. The warning light came on when rpm's were low and air temperature was HOT! The temperature indicator didn't show over heating.

    I read online that there are issues in the blocking of the cooling coil in front of the bike. I cleaned it, though I suspected these references were more directed to 650 and 800 series. I suspected there might be a defective oil filter which I had replaced about 1000 miles before. Therefore, I replace it with another new filter and new oil even though those were rather new.

    Again, today, the warning light came on in stop and go traffic when ambient temperatures were in the 90's. I quickly shut the bike off, waited a bit, re-started, and continued with no further problems. I tried to cause the light to return by lugging the engine toward lower rpm's starting from a stop to see if the low engine speed and excessive heat was to blame for reduced oil pressure (btw, I'm not absolutely certain that oil pressure is the cause of throwing the light on). I couldn't make it come on again.

    For your information, I am using 20W-50 synthetic and K&N filters.

    Any insight would be appreciated.

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    Just to be sure and not guessing: is the issue the oil pressure light or an engine temperature light (if it has one)?
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    I'm interested in the response - I've had the same issue.

    And if I bump the RPMs the oil pressure light goes off - never happens on the road at normal speeds. Oil levels are where they should be.

    Also a 2005 RGS

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    I don't know the systems on the 2005 so I am just guessing. Light going off when you increase rpms indicates to me either charging system or oil pressure. Maybe someone here can chime in on charge indicator light color? If your '05 still has an alternator belt it could be a bit loose. If the '05 has a cooling fan for the oil cooler it will be drawing a bit of power when on, along with a loose belt or questionable battery those conditions could cause the light to come on. If it is the oil pressure light, and there is no question about oil level, it still might not be low oil pressure. Sensors in most engines don't really have a pressure range. Most are just switches that turn on when pressure is below a set level. And that may be as low as 5 psi! So, it could just be a bad oil pressure sensor. I would think it very unlikely to have internal engine problems causing low oil pressure at your mileage without some history behind it.

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    If you've got enough oil and the engine isn't making knocking sounds, it's not much to worry about.

    The first thing to do should you ever worry about engine temperatures--both high and low--is use full synthetic motor oil.

    The red triangle warning light is supposed to be accompanied by a computer screen message--you've not indicated which message you received.
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    I also have a '05 GS that did the exact same thing two summers back. Had the same thoughts, is the oil pressure low or not. Never had any issues with oil consumption and the only time I had engine temp issues was when I was stopped and would rev the bike to get the light to go off. Long story short that went on, on and off, for two months. The fact that it was inconsistent lead me to believe it was the oil pressure switch, not an actual oil pressure issue.
    After I got home I changed out the switch and have not had a recurrence since.
    The switch is easy to change out just be VERY careful not to over tighten it when you replace it.
    BTW, the switch is the same as used on many BMW and other Euro cars, including old VW's so there is a good possibility you can find the switch at a good auto parts store.
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    I think Texpaul may be on the right track. With that low of miles and with no other indications of a problem, if its indeed an oil pressure problem it could be a faulty switch/sending unit.

    If its not an oil pressure problem I believe other posters are correct and its likely a charging issue caused by something like a loose belt.

    Is there no accompanying message on the display when you get the warning triangle? On my 07 there is a message if a warning light illuminates. Maybe the 05's don't do that?

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    You guys are AWESOME! Thanks for the guidance.

    To answer some of the questions, the light doesn't go off with rev, though I've been afraid to push it with a RED light flashing. The motor DOESN'T knock like it does at first cold start while the oil pressure is building (1 to 2 sec). Therefore, I think you're right that it is more of an indicator or sensor problem. There isn't any additional message to go with the flashing other than the RED triangle flashing and RED check engine fast flashing.

    Is there such a thing as a scan tool and port on these bikes like a late model car? In other words, is there a way to scan the system to read the fault?

    I think there could be a problem with the charging system, too. I'll have to put a volt meter on it to see what I'm getting. But, I think my first attempt will be the pressure sensor.
    Thanks Again!

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    There is a diagnostic plug under the front seat. There is a tool you can buy called a GS-911 that you can actually plug in and read fault codes and such. Might be worth checking to see if someone close to you has one or consider getting one yourself. Ted Porters Beemershop is the US dealer.

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    I just picked up my bike from the deal. Here seems to have been the problem...

    The fault codes were minor and highly variable, but the most recent was a brake failure. The technician believed the code was thrown due to low fluid levels. Evidently, there are two reservoirs, one on the handlebar (duh) and a second under the gas tank (huh?). He said that it would take a good amount of time to get the second one and encourage me to flush the brake system since he would be in there anyway. Manufacturer recommended replacement interval for brake fluid is 2 years and I don't believe it has ever been done. Upon completion, he said the second reservoir was a bit low and thought that a previous service the level of fluid was not properly done. Then, with brake wear, the level went down far enough to throw the code. Having ridden weather and conditions that caused the previous flashing lights, nothing occurred.

    So far, so good. Thanks for the previous responses!

    ps. had I looked more closely at the flashing lights, I might have given better initial information. In my defense, I was in traffic with red lights flashing. I didn't look too closely at what the indicators were trying to tell me. I was more interested in getting to the side of the road without getting hit.

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