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Thread: Tire balancer-tire irons.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MotorradMike View Post
    How did that go?
    I've had trouble once or twice popping the second bead on.
    Worked pretty good, I was worried I might have to go find a repair shop with a real air compressor, but soaped them up well, and they popped at fairly low pressure..

    As far as weights, you can get them free from most tire places, most have a 5 gallon pail full of used ones, just ask them if you could have some of them, I have actually had one place hand me a hand full of new ones free!

    ONLY way to clean the tape off the weights is to set them on a cement floor face down, and take your bernz-o-matic touch or heat gun and heat the tape up, then I just use a very fine bristle wire brush and give them a quick swipe with the brush as they lay on the floor, it strips them clean, don't pick them up as they will be HOT!

    Then to make them look better (if you care) you can give them a shot of paint to match the rims, or toss them in a bucket and poor the acid from an old battery in there and leave them until shiny.
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